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The vision of aneW is to assist any persons or organizations that are in need of a unique touch of ambrosia and ambiance, using all areas of expertise. We plan to do our share in the community by producing various service projects, activities, and performances that peak the interests of the community. We are establishing a wide base of cooperate backers from which to draw funding for our projects. We are also establishing relationships with companies in all areas and fields in the event and entertainment realm. With the rapid growth of this industry, we are hoping that these relationships will not only provide funding for our projects but for support in staying up to date with current advancements in different entrepreneur fields.

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Our planner had an awesome team. We both were assigned someone the day of the wedding to handle any calls and our personal needs.

Courtney-For me after my bridesmaids walked out to head down the aisle I lost it (like cried cried cried). I knew it was time and I was so happy and nervous at the same time. Her staff member told me I was beautiful and to breathe and that today is going to be PERFECT! We even made me laugh. Also, I was nervous about how things looked. After looking at a "sneak peek" of the room I felt much better.
Groom- I was just nervous period! Wanted every to go smoothly and they did.


Antonio & Courtney

I knew a year ago (maybe more) I would love her work from stalking her on IG, to doing my brothers wedding months prior to ours. aneW has given my family two events that were epic and are still talked about.  

A Night Under the Stars

Mike & Dottie

I liked that she was there when I needed her, only a phone call away! I loved the way she decorated everything the way I asked.  She was able to keep the theme everywhere throughout the venue! I wouldn’t change a thing! It was perfect!!


Ethan & Robin

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