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A Dinner Wedding

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Some of the simplest things in life often end up being some of the beautiful. Bride Brittany is a wedding planner herself, but knew she needed someone to just make sure her plans went off without a hitch. aneW came in as the day of planner for this event.

As a day of planner, we typically come i n a month before the wedding to get all of the details and vendor information from the bride. Once that information is shared, we jump in to making those connections with the vendors and setting up timelines.

This wedding was out first time working with the McAllister-Leftwich House, it was beautiful, from the time we walked in staff was very helpful and we were ale to get the party started. My staff came in and immediately got to work some of the tid-bits we bout in to make Brittany & Jason's Weddong #aneW!

This was wedding was short of nothing but simple elegance. The bride wanted to make sure that guest felt like they were coming over for a family dinner. When guest walked through the house there were memorial pictures of the bride and groom's love ones that were watching from Heaven. It was a nice touch the bride wanted to add, we just #madeitaneW!

After the florist left, we ran back to my house to gather a few more items to just make the spaces pop. We also added some finishing touches here and there. I asked my staff to go outside and grab some pinecones, they looked at me crazy and I said...yep! It's all in the details.

Then came time to do the dessert table. The bride had the groom pick up the desserts so he would have something to do. Most of the time the baker would add

the flowers to the cake once they dropped it off, since we had no baker, guess who found themselves adding the flowers to the cake...ME! I actually think I did a pretty awesome job! Whatcha think?

By the way, I total jacked up the recording of the singing below, but the groom's sisters sung Ava was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard...BRAVO!

Planner & Decor': aneW Consulting and Events @anew_ce

Photographer:Rebekah Torress Photography @rebekahtorresphotography

Planner & Decor': aneW Consulting & Events @anew_ce

Photographer: Rebekah Torres Photograghy @rebekahtorresphotgragy

Venue:The McAlister-Leftwich House @mcalisterleftwich

Rental Company: The Prettiest Pieces @the_prettiest_pieces

Cater: Above and Beyond Catering #Above&Beyond

Floral Bouquets: Bloom and Thistle @bloomsandthistle

Wedding Cake & Desserts: Maxie B's Bakery @maxiebsbakery

Make-up: @stolochi


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