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My Stinka turning 1! Last but not least of my little bunch! This summer has been a world wind. My sister after 7 years came back to GSO but now she has left again! With her leaving we needed to move as well so we just took over her home. Oh! I left out that we moved in a week before Stinka's birthday and I HAVE to have him a party, right? Oh, we now have a huge yard so why not have the party at the house? I have no idea why I get myself into the situations where I am doing more than what I should... Needless to say, I had just about the entire downstairs decorated and good to go along side planning and decorating for a 1 year old birthday party.

Some times nothing is quicker than a text to tell friends and family to get their hind-parts over here! So I created the invite in to the left. This was a quick an simple way to curate all of the party info and share with those close to me. I did simply send a few of them to the Wal-Mart Photo Center to print, which I mailed to grandparents etc. Let me know if you ever need any, I will be happy to produce theme in your favorite theme, for any special occasion. Invites will simply fall under #aneWbrand.

What next, as an event planner and organizer, who doesn't turn to Pinterest to assist on what is up-to-date as it relates to birthdays and keeping up with the Jones.

Birthday Plaque - I can't remember where I got the idea from, but I honestly made this in Power Point! Again, I can do it for you simply contact me and we can work something out. Check out my website or my Instagram @anew_ce (#makeitaneW) for a few other items and signage I have created.

Guest Sign-In Book

I usually give books as cards for friends' kids so why not use it as a guest book. I found this birthday book to match the theme at no other than the local Wal-Mart in the magazine book section. As seen in the sign on the left in the background, guests were asked to make a birthday wish in the book.

Paw Patrol Age T-shirt

The world wide web is so helpful and I am an online shopper. Thanks to Etsy, I was able to find and order the perfect little t-shirt for my little Marshall (Fire Dog). Please excuse his little (big) head. He had just received his first hair cut the day before and the barber cut it REALLY low, which was not our preference but he had crazy hair before this.

Puppy Chow

Our snack for full of little Paw favorites. Our menu included:

Scobby Doo - Graham Cracker Cookies

Puppy Chow - Confetti Icing

Pup-peroni Pizza - Pepperoni Pizza

Pup-corn - Pop Corn

Hot Dog Bar - Hot Dogs

Flaming Marshmallows


Since little hands like to cause little messes we had cupcakes for all guests and a small cake for the birthday boy. Cake and cupcakes made by @dream_sweeter_

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