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aneW Holiday

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

My home for the holidays...

Yep, I that person that changes the decorations in her house for every season, especially Christmas! I get so excited for the season just so I can decorate the house! Now, I will admit, that some years are better than others depending on my schedule but all in all, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

My dad past away last year and my mother has been deceased for about 17 years so it really is time for us to create our own family traditions although this one is one I've brought from mine. I used to hate it every year when my mother would have my sister and I climbing trees and putting up three threes in the house but now I know why (except, I don't let my kids help, I take this serious). Well, don't judge me I have boys and they actually do not want to help.

Since I love to decorate and I actually think my house is nice, I invited some friends over to take their family portraits in my home. Most places create a fake backdrop, might as well get the real thing! Below are some shots from my family's aneW Holiday photo shot!

Pictures by Carla Searcy Photography

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