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Carver Culture

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

One day I get a call from an old college friend and she said, my husband and I are getting a new house and we want you to #makeitaneW! She asked was I interested? I said "Heck yea!" I waited until they actually closed on the house and then I began creating the inspirations. The inspirations were based off of a home decor inventory that I sent them. Their answers came back pretty much modern, and minimalist.

After speaking with her she shared that they wanted their home to very unique, with lots of antique pieces in it. She also shared that they traveled a lot and want the home to reflect that. Once my inspiration was approved, I went to the drawing board.

Welp, you know where my next stop was? Lowe's Home Improvement Store. This trip alone was about $800.00. Decorating can be expensive, so when you decide to #getmadeaneW make sure you have a plan in place for how it is going to happen.

We set a budget of an all in about $25,000 to do the home. The goal was to do one room at a time but as we began the project the Mrs kept saying well, we can do another room, well another room, and another. "Who wants to just have one room #madeaneW?"Before you know it we were doing almost the entire house.

Moroccan Culture

Let's start with the Great Room. The theme for this room was Moroccan Culture. Developing this concept was amazing. I am so glad this couple entrusted me to be

creative and "trust the process". The path to #aneW culture was fun and exciting. I was able to find Moroccan picture frames in #TJMaxx. I met the couple In High Point, NC to go to the furniture central of America to find the perfect new furniture for the living room, bedroom, and sitting room.

Luckily we didn't have to paint the living room. It was already a pretty nice shade of gray but not sure which shade.

Gotham City

Next up, Gotham's its own culture. This is their son's room, where he is all about everything superhero, but we wanted it to be a space that he can grow with. So I built in special ways to tweak the space as he gets older.

The first thing I had to do was take down the fish from the original


Once I got the fish down, then it was time to paint the teal blue to a nice calming Repose Gray by #ShermanWilliams. One the room was painted gray, I then tapped of the skyline with 1inch painters tape. I let it all dry overnight. Next morning, I got up and began setting up the rest of the room. The goal was to get it down the first weekend I was there so their son will have some where to call his own and sleep.

Cuban Culture

Like most homes I do , I typically talk my clients out of keeping a traditional dining room if they do not really need it, I mean what is the purpose? The client said well we like to sit and talk while we are cooking and gathered, I said well... there is not enough space in here for that and the kitchen is in the other room. I noticed that throughout the space there was no space for the Mr to do is work, I felt that they needed a small home office and maybe a little adult space since the couple have a large variety of liquors.

To stick with the culture themes that we are using throughout the house, I decided to make the adult space Cuban, its where color, drinking, smoking, etc is the norm, perfect for an adult room concept. When they purchased the home, like the kid's room, the walls were a deep teal blue. It was unique and may have looked good with cuban theme but we wanted to look a little more adult-ish. I wanted something different! The client suggested wallpaper, at first I was a little suspect because I had never did wallpaper before but hey, I'm a growing business and there is a first time for everything.

So, before I could put the wall paper up, I painted the adult room Grayish by #ShermanWilliams. I actually painted every wall except the one that I put the wall paper on, the only thing I did to the wall with the wall paper was clean it. I found the wallpaper at my favorite place to shop, #Amazon! It was self-adhesive which was great. I decided not to put the sealant on it just in case they wanted to change it up later it would be easier for them to remove the wallpaper. I purchased a beautiful area rug for this space at the beginning of the project so we used the colors from the rug to build the room. The couple order a salmon sleeper for guest when they had a house full. I found a nice sleek masculine desk at #Target for a great price. The Mr. had a favorite recliner from their old home that he just couldn't let go of, I would not agree to put it in the great room but I was able to work it into this space. I wonder if you can guess where it is? LOL! Anywho, I also found a nice teal chair at #AtHome that was a nice accent piece. The lantern in the left corner came from #HomeGoods, the end table from #Amazon. Still need to add curtains to the windows but we couldn't find the color I was looking for right now, but hey, you get the picture!

African Culture

The kitchen. Well, I figured we could not do all of the other cultures and not include African, so I decided to make it the kitchen since they say it is where the soul of a home is.

Asian Culture

Master Bedroom

So... coming into their bedroom, I pretty much thought it should be a place of peace since the rest of the house is so vibrant. The Asian traditional cultural values that influence the psyche of the Chineses people include harmony, benevolence, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, and filial piety. All of the things which typically lie sacred to couples.

Oh the Places You Will Go...

Guest Room

The couple was looking to become foster parents, with that in mind, I knew the kiddos that may stop by could have been in multiples places but I wanted this place to fill them with wonder, love and hope. I wanted them to come to this space and know it was create intentionally with them in mind.

No Vacancies...

Grandparents Suite

The couple has a strong parental support. Both of their parents come to visit quite often and they wanted to make sure when they came that they were not just staying in a guest room but they had their own room. To change it up a bit, I did not paint in this room instead I decided to do a pallet wood wall for an accent wall. I was hoping that this wall would give this room a warm "get-a-way"feeling to make any grandparent feel like the space was created just for them. This project took about 3 hours to complete.

Stage 1.

Stage 2.

Stage 3.

Final, except the couple is still looking for a headboard that they like!

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