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Eating off the Door

OK so I like all things rustic and vintage and one day I decided to stop by the vintage store that on Hwy 150 a Browns Summit, North Carolina! This store is on only open every other Saturday and every month and so one day I was driving by and I happen to catch it open the atoll the owner Steve what I was looking for and he took me in the

back! Once we got in the back he show me these two doors that he recently received from my old movie theater that had close down, I asked him how much she gave me a price and I said that I would take them.

So the doors sit in my garage for a while actually may be a year and I really didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I wanted to hold onto them because you just never know sometimes! Then one day I bought the wedding and I had arrested thanks I was like oh yeah I can use the doors there which I did I ended up using the doors as the entryway to the ceremony for the farmhouse wedding at Summerfield Farms that particular year. Once the wedding was over I bought the doors back home and once again they sit in the garage!

I had previously decorated a home where I told the client that they didn’t need a dining room well, I was beginning to think that I actually didn’t need a dining room at my house either. When we were downstairs we never had anywhere for the kids to really hang out and when we had people over and my husband was asking for a new sofa set for the living room. I really didn’t want to get rid of our old couches because they were the first real cat said that I purchased with my own money and the couches are actually about 17 years old and I honestly feel like they’re in pretty good shape so I decided to flip my dining room into a study/cheer room for the boys.

The first thing I needed to do was get rid of the dining room table that we already had that had been purchased at that we got married and we lived in another home which was actually kind of too small for the space anyway so I ended up trying to file which I didn’t do a good job of that so I just gave it away to my knees next I want to build a larger table to go and I live in any space so we could just eat there we never ate at the dining room table because it was that I sent in a separate room anyway so I decided I wanted to make the dining room table out of the doors! After talking to my son’s father who likes to build things for his house he was saying that one of the most expensive things we are making a table is the legs so I’m like OMG I really don’t want to have to spend a lot of money and making the table. The doors by themselves cost about $125 so I was really trying to like get out doing with the frugal way I may say so I just waited.

One day on my way to work at my full-time job I saw there is an apartment complex that always has light all furniture and stuff sitting on outside this particular day I saw this huge Y wooden table and I was like oh my goodness the legs on that table are beautiful I want them so I get to work our radio my custodian and then I ask him to grab his screwdriver and take a ride with me down the street! No really that’s exactly what I did. So we get down the street and we actually see somebody else pulled up and I’m like oh my gosh they better not take my table. Which the guy did and he actually like the washing machine and dryer or something like that that was out there so me and Marques Odeon actually had to put the entire table in the back of my truck because we couldn’t get the legs off on the side of the street so little bit later on that custodian take the legs off and we toss the legs in my truck.

when I got home that afternoon I sanded the legs down a little bit to prepare them for painting I was thinking it cited that I looked up to find these nice legs for absolutely nothing hallelujah hallelujah hello Luhia hallelujah hello Luhia.

Set the table was going on in our family space I wanted the family to all have their little piece of help in helping build the table so the boys are liars pain in the legs my husband Marshal took the lock off the door and Ethan help me paint the first coat on the actual doors once the doors were dry I actually use a Weather and technique that they have at Lowe’s and, may the word look aged a little bit so it would give me that antique-ish feeling that I really want it to fit into our living room space!

Elias's dad that came over to

help because he had a special drill to drill the tape the two doors together in a special way so that it will fit together and would not slot apart and Ethan was super excited to go outside and help uncle Mike put the holes in the table wall in the doors.

Once we get the holes in the doors Marshal and Mike bought the doors inside so that I could board them together we flip them over and while we have a family table I was super excited because the table can sit eight people edit so that’s helpful when we are having family and friends over next we build this table but we need eight places for people to say so I simply just I was going to do the mix- match chair thing but I looked up and found three chairs that were at the light at Concord Mills TJ Maxx and then I found two gray and white chairs from Marshall’s him and Greensboro off of Marshall’s home goods off of new garden in Greensboro then later on build a bear to go on the other side of the table for the bench I simply bought three pretty much two by fours at water the legs for the bench off of Amazon as is and just painted them and had a Saul down the bottom of the feet a little bit but yeah and then I stained the bottom of the bench that was my first time staining something and I simply went around the edge of the table and staying there as well so that it will match the bench and Wala. My aneW dining table!

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