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Fosters' Home

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

It is still the beginning with this business venture. Yes, I have decorated rooms here and there for clients but this home was my first full house venture (well at least 4 rooms). The client and her husband had just purchased their first home and did not want visitors to come to the house warming to an empty lifeless home. Guess who they called??????? aneW Consulting and Events for an aneW Home Consultation. During the consultation I am able to walk through the home and discuss a few possible scenarios I could or would do to the home. We go from top to bottom. From paint to no paint, including "we'll just do it and tell my husband about it afterwards". It is my goal to "Make your dream come true, to make your home aneW".

*Before coming to the home for the consultation I had the client take a Decorating Personality Survey that I found online to give me a gist of the color pallet and theme of what she would probably like.

The Dinning Room


This room was designed to be the dinning room but the couple was not interested in purchasing a dining suite that they may never use. (I get it, cause we totally do not use ours at my house.) Instead, I suggested turning the dining room into a sitting room. Sitting rooms are starting to become more popular with more people using the living which is not attached to the breakfast area and kitchen for more entertainment purposes. The quietness of the ol'skool living room has faded. More home are creating these sitting rooms/ quiet rooms as mini living rooms, they are nice rooms for homeowners and visitors to chat in with other the distractions from what is going on in the entertainment area.


The Living Room

The living room was pretty simple. The client already had the rug so I built everything off of the rug. The man of the house spends most of his time enjoying entertainment here so, I wanted the room to be a nice den, more so than a living room.


Command Station

Do you have that big wall space that you have nothing to do with? Or are you like me, where the first place you come in the house and go to is the kitchen with your hands full of mail, keys, and other nic-nacs? Well why not turn that wall into a way to keep your evenings organized. Try this quick and easy organization wall. I knew I wanted to do a few wall folder holders but I walked into you know where (Hobby Lobby) and say this rustic wall organizer all in one! THIS TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! Anyways from there I just searched for additional accents to make this wall come to life. Not too much but just enough for this family! :)

The Master Bedroom

You will here me say this more times than once, I feel like kids or no kids, your bedroom, should be YOUR bedroom. It is a intimate and special place for married couples.


At the end of the day, you want to come home to a place that makes you better. A place that you LOVE and a place that you will always call home. #makeitaneW #aneWhome

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