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Harrison Potter: Fellowship of the Ring

So here we are. When the lion meets the lamb or should I say how the ring fit the wand. This one of the two brides that I have ever had the pleasure of serving and not meeting until their wedding day. In this case, Michelle received my information from the venue as a prefered vendor. She and I spoke and clicked right away!

This wedding was a little tricky for #aneW, it was the first wedding that I pretty much did alone without my staff. @anew_adjoa did end up coming through to help unpack and pack up which is a huge part of the day from a planner/decorator's perspective.

Why hire a planner? For this reason! Making sure that everyone knows what to expect. This brief video below was the walkthrough for the photographers, so they would know where to be to catch very specific shots. Everything on a bride & groom's special day should be intentional. We usually do this at all events, one the vendors happen to catch me doing this one. :)

Next up was the cake delivery! Again, talk about a puzzle coming together and watching the

magic happen, was watching @artsycaksey . I think this is the largest cake that I have had a wedding. Most of my brides had transition from the traditional tiered cake, but this cake. It was the right cake, for the right venue, the right wedding and

the right couple. It was all love.

With only about 6 months to prepare for this wedding, we definitely had to make a little magic happen. Every little girl deserves their own "Happily Ever After". Every wedding, I love being able to watch how every vision, how every notion, thought and idea that the bride shares and we make #aneW come to life.

I love seeing the moment the bride enters the space. Like Nat King Cole said once, it is "Unforgettable"...

Disclaimer: Please do not judge my bootleg recording. The professional version will be inserted as soon as it is received. Thanks

BTW: Did I tell you guys that I made her bouquet? Yep, #youronestopcreativeshop

At the end of every wedding, every couple gets asked a very important question... How does it feel to be #madeaneW?


Groom: Christopher Harrison

Bride: Michelle Varel Harrison

Planner & Decor': @anew_ce

Photographer: @Porshiahernandezphoto

Venue: @mcalisterleftwich

Music Vendor: @coolreceptions

Cater: @plainandfancycaterers_

Wedding Cake: @artsycaksey

Make-up: @zjglam

Hair: #MOB

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