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Hurricane Wedding

Ryan and Amanda were actually high school sweethearts so they met each other in high school actually went to homecoming together and then you know like some people do we separate for college so you can have a little fun during college and if it was meant to be here you’ll come back to to be and that’s exactly what happen for these two day hours and time pass and they were able to meet back up and become one in which brings us to today and their hashtag for their wedding being then and now.

Ebron Wedding Decor

Prepping for my first destination wedding! The thing about #gettingmadeaneW is that every client gets something that is handmade, uniquely created just for them.

For their wedding I accessorized lanterns with star fish and wheat strands for the bridesmaids to cary down the aisle with a gold umbrella since the wedding was planned to take place outside.

I also tied their wedding color ribbons on all the lanterns that were going to be sitting around the reception. Do not let the video fool you, it took about 3 hours to these. WHEW!

I was so excited to do my first destination wedding. One week out and I’m on social media pumping pictures of uniquely created items for my clients aneW Beach Wedding but OH NO, Florence hard something else up her sleeve.

Florence comes and goes to us finding out that our wedding/ reception venue has NO power. Not only did they not have power but they said that they were out of commission for the next couple of weeks with my wedding band that weekend oh Em Gee yes I said it just like that OMG and so we had to find another date for the wedding like nobody wants to change the date of their wedding especially after we had imitation is created we have a website done we had things that had been engraved with that wedding day on it and we had to change the date!

So immediately we start looking on the calendar trying to find a day every day that we could think of someone couldn’t make it whether it was the DJ or the vendor or the hotel or the photographer so we ended up having to push the wedding date back another four months to December! So in North Carolina or in the Caroline if the weather can always be pretty crazy but it’s very seldom that it snows in December it typically smells around January in these parts but lo and behold the weekend of her wedding in December it snows I didn’t know what to do so we get to the wedding and we still had a wedding trust me because we weren’t going to push it back again but a lot of gas couldn’t make it because they got trapped in the snow here in Greensboro we also didn’t have the DJ my staff was stuck in the snow.

Needless to say, I pretty much did the entire set up and teardown of this wedding by myself and let’s not forget I did the bright hair I did the brass make up oh yeah I was your one stop creative shop for this wedding so how did I say that they didn’t show up so I didn’t want to stress out like the bride and the groom clear really big on the music so I’m calling around I got the wholesale people calling around and we were able to find a DJ on the last minute that was able to come and go down get down with the get down so everything turned out actually pretty freaking awesome we went outside to let go of the Chinese lanterns wish that didn’t quite work out if it was actually too windy for them to get lit, but it was an experience Ryan and Amanda will never forget for more reasons than one. They were #madeaneW and they were so excited and I’m glad that we were able to get married, their wedding party was able to be there and for the people that they cared about most to be there so yeah that was then and now.

Right after the wedding there was a brink of sunlight and the two were able to do what Amanda most wanted... take pictures on the beach!

And they lived happily #aneW ever after.

Planner & Decor': @anew_ce

Photographer: Ashleigh Crawley @stillshotsphotgraghy_nc

Venue: The Marriott Courtyard at Carolina Beach

Rental Company: Beach Occasions

Music Vendor: @iamdjdiesel

Wedding Cake: Maxie B's Bakery

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