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Jedi Eli

Does anyone besides me, have a child that goes in and out of themes and characters. We have gone from Blues Clues to Diego. Then to Yo Gabba Gabba where we bought shirts, shoes, room decor, etc. Then I said, I AM PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN. When he was 3 years old, he decided that he wanted a Super Hero room. I said "Why not?" There are adults that are totally still into super heroes so maybe this will be something that he will still with for a while...NOT! 3 -4 years later, I find myself or maybe I should say the "force" is guiding me to change his room to a Star War themed room. (Pinterest here we come!)

My husband is against be painting because in our first home, I think I painted the entire house at least twice a year, now I am down to a room a month (maybe). Anywho, I am a mom and designer on a budget #designonadime.

Because everything I do is #designonadime I had to figure out the quickest way that I could flip my son's room in one night! Where did I shop? You guest it! HOBBY LOBBY! I found Star Wars letters which I did his name in. Because Star Wars is the "in thing" right now, you can pretty much find stuff EVERYWHERE. The key is finding it for the right price.

One day after eating lunch with so co-workers I dropped into Kirklands. Guess what I found? This huge 2 x 2 cavas of all of the "bad guys" from Star Wars! SN: You have to know why my son likes the Dark Side. Well he said that Darth Vader only went to the dark side because his mother was killed. He said if something ever happened to me that he would have gone to the dark side too...odd but I still cried because I thought it was so freaking cute! Anywho...

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