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Minimally Beautiful: #ForeverMoreLattimore

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

She will probably get me when she sees the words "FINALLY"! Every Time someone got engaged I was thinking is it her? God always says in his timing not ours right! In conversations she would say, I'm not having a wedding, it's a waste of money. I love proving this chic wrong. I actually met her in her early years in education. Which was about 10 years ago! (WHEW!)

So guess what, she finally got engaged, finally decided on having an actual wedding, and then finally decided to hire a! With patience and love, I am happy she and Josh allowed me to make them #aneW.

No wedding party, just family. I love the fact that choosing bridesmaids or groomsmen were not hard for either the bride or the groom. They simply did not have any. They did make sure to include their nieces and nephew in a special way. Who is the wedding day about anyways, huh? The bride and groom! Welp, let's keep it simple...minimal. She did however include her sisters & mother in her color scheme.

Oh, before I share a few more of their amazing pictures, I will have to tell you that Joshua, the groom can sing, as you would expect for hi to sing at the wedding...HE DIDN'T but he did bring along some SANG-GERS! When I tell you they were concert ready! I'm a fan! When Olivia walked in, I was trying to make a pimp decision on who to record because the psalmist sounded unreal, she definitely may have given Chrisette Michele a run for her own track.

Planner Excitement

AND! BY THE WAY... the singers were not supposed to be behind the curtain but space was off, equipment was big so we made it #aneW. It actually worked well because it the music was intense and it gave you this surreal feeling like it was being played from an audio but it was real-time. I was in-love every minute of it.

And then she enters...

Communion went down like this...

*** Disclaimer: Next time I will try to remember to turn my phone landscape! :(

As always, how does it feel to be #madeaneW?

Mr. Joshua & Olivia Lattimore

Wedding Credits

Planner & Decor': @anew_ce

Photographer: @perfectsnapgreensboro

Venue: @theloftatcongdonyards

Officant: @iamdeonclark

Music Vendor:

Live Music: @authorized_productions

Cater: @plainandfancycaterers_

Wedding Cake: @lerisweetconfections

Make-up: @erbodyluhgrannie

Hair: @hair_her_way

I've never gotten to take a picture with any of my brides before until this one. Thank you LaTrayl for capturing this photo, and thank you once again Olivia for allowing me, to make you...#aneW!

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