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Taste the Rainbow: #WychesDoComeTrue

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Venue: The Longhouse-@thelonghousenc

Planner & Decor': aneW Consulting & Events - @anew_ce

Rental Company: Hauser Rentals & Happy Rentz

Music Vendor: Julian

Cater:  Carolinas Finest Food Truck @ChefSonya23

Photographer: Carrie Lilly Photography -

Floral Bouquets: Roxie's Florist

Wedding Cake: Maxie B's BeBe

Desserts: Dream Sweeter @cultcakesnc

Disc Jockey: DJ DeeCan -@djdeecan

During our initial consultation I gave them some ideas of color schemes for their wedding. I told them we could do all green or all black, the loved the idea of everyone being in all black so that the wedding party would be the ones to stand out in all their pictures. It also worked exceptionally well for the color bomb group picture with the entire wedding party and guests.


I have know Sherry and Alyson for years! I helped Sherry plan the a surprise proposal for Alyson so I am glad the two kept me around for the wedding.

For most weddings I want to make sure that the bride always still feels like the bride. Whatever she wants to do, she can have at it. Bride Alyson wanted to make sure that her guests had a unique, yet special favor. Something that would remind them of both brides and yet their special day at The Long House. So she orders the mini wood rounds to be ornaments for guests, they were going to engrave their initials on each piece but it ended up being a little harder than first thought. She was like you know what? Just forget about it. So here I come in (the week of wedding), "let me come grab them from you!

Guest Book.

So... I was talking with the brides and we could not decide what their unique guest sign-in would be ( I always like to do something different!). One day (I think it was the day I went to go get the wood pieces from the favors.) I saw this white bench sitting in their home, I said, "You know what? That's our guest book!" and there you have it folks, that is how our guest "bench" book came to be!


Let's talk about Eco Friendly! Bride Alyson wanted to make sure that everything that was used was biodegradable, so research here I go! Luckily my spot, you guest it #Amazon had me covered. We were able to order eco friendly forks, spoons, knives, napkins, plates, and cups. I tied a small black & white ribbon on each individual set to keep them together and to add a touch of #aneW to every place sitting.

Taste the Rainbow.

Next up, Taste the Rainbow considering this was a LGBT Wedding we want to make sure we did add in hints of rainbows throughout the wedding from the favors to the names of the tables. Each table was a color of the rainbow. Once guests sat at those tables they were able to snack on that flavor skittle. Except for the brown table, we used M&Ms and the white table we used Cookies & Cream bites!

Speaking of table decor, I actually had clack linen on the tables, the night before when I set up but I did not like it so I had to go home and dig out some alternatives to make sure my brides were in awe when they entered the space.

My 2 Brides.

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