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The Center of His Heart

The Man Cave


He loves me, he loves me NOT! I do not think he would ever admit it but he totally loves football more than me. If my husband was laying on the operation table needing a new heart, it will be difficult to find one to match what he already has. I truly believe without a shadow of a doubt that my husband's heart is a football. With that being said I would have to explain to you that this blog will contain a series of puns, metaphors, connotations, and number of allusions.

The Center.

We moved into a pre-owned home where the loft was the theatre, so we kept it that way for a while but it wasn't ours. It wasn't that place where we were dying to go even though we already head a built-in projector. It was to us, just a room with a projector. No screen to project on, not much decor, not much of anything. The loft was pretty much the center of unattention up stairs.


Me with my freaking BRIGHT ideas! Decided to take off work for Valentine's Day and surprise my hubby by turning the loft (old theater room) into his MAN CAVE!

1. Painting.

2. Decor.

3. Sports.

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