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The Halls of Fame

Let’s talk about the halls meet my bright Courtney Jackson I met Courtney and she didn’t even know it to her mom so her mom and I used to work together in education. Courtney had already planned the majority of her wedding but needed some help finishing up a list and and she actually brought me from her future sister-in-law that I already bought. So I came in kind a last minute to pull her wedding together needless to say Courtney was just like me Type A and a “Bridezalla" I had to tell Courtney that we are all in this together I went to take a stance with Courtney you name it I was scared for her text to me in the middle of the night responded to her emails following up we were in it to win it finally her day comes and it was amazing it was one of the first weddings that I did as a new consultant and events and the first wedding that I use my full staff and you wouldn’t even have known it was seamless. I remember sometime after the wedding and I spoke with Courtney on the phone and she said had I known it was going to be so amazing I would’ve just left you alone and to do your job and beginning LOL, yeah right! Needless to say her photographer was Ashleigh Crawley of Still Shots Photography in the pictures were amazing check out her gallery to see how Courtney and Antonio was made aneW.

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