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You did what with the pallet in 30 minutes?

OK some more time has gone by and I’m still in the process of making my living room a new and just the way that I want it so I’m always asking my custodian at work to save pallets for me just because I’m

just never know what I’m gonna do with them and I like you and Paul at some random things around the house so this particular day Michael study and comes up to me and he was like I have a beautiful pallet that you might want to take home today and I did just that.

Took the pallet home and before I could do what I wanted to do with the table I had to order the legs so this was a simple thing I just went on Amazon my favorite place to shop and order the lakes that will go with the style of the space that I want it. Once the ladies came in and I simply took out the back half of the pallet sanded it down stand it added the legs and put it in my living room and just like that I had an a new coffee table.

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